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Spanking Therapy

As Stress Relief

I've enjoyed spanking women for over 30 years and my site has other interests as spankings are a foreplay for me. However for many years my partners asked me for spankings without sexual overtones and ive posted so many positive feedback emails from over the years as how amazing my partners feel the next day. If you wish this type of spanking please mention it to me.

People are often drawn to spanking because there is something within themselves that they are trying to heal and spanking is the therapeutic modality that most directly helps them to access difficult or blocked emotions.

My philosophy is geared toward helping people view themselves and their needs positively and the use of spanking as a vehicle for healing, personal growth and self-discovery. The spanking is given with love, care and respect in an effort to bring women closer to wholeness and healing. I do not use spanking as a form of punishment, abuse, control or domination, nor do I reinforce negative self-images by helping clients act out the kind of old mental scripts that may cause them to mistakenly believe that they are somehow unworthy as people and deserving of punishment. I believe that positive changes in your life can only come through self-love and not self-degradation.

Research has shown the therapeutic value of spanking. Many who seek spanking are individuals who are in positions of power, and with that power comes great responsibility. Spanking and giving up control allow the escape from the decision-making that is so much part of their lives and has been found to be psychologically beneficial (Lindemann, 2011, Wismeijer & van Assen, 2013, McGreal, 2013). Studies of the personality traits neuroticism, extraversion, openness to experience, conscientiousness, agreeableness, rejection sensitivity, relationship attachment styles and happiness show that practitioners of spanking were psychologically healthier than non-practitioners. (McGreal, 2013)

All that aside it feels very good and I've never heard of anyone that didnt enjoy being spanked. Whether to see if its a good way to relieve emotions or stress or it can be quite exhilarating

The Spanking

All spanking therapy are conducted in a non-sexual atmosphere, which means that I remain fully clothed at all times.

Introductory meeting: As discussed in the safety section of this site, we will meet in a public place have a brief chat. then you go home and if you wish to meet again you contact me. never any pressure.

Pre-care: Though you will have already met me, when you arrive for your session, you will probably experience a range of emotions. You may be apprehensive or fearful of the unknown. We will talk about your fears, any health concerns you may have and I will discuss safe words with you to reassure you that feel confident that you are in charge. I will answer questions that you may have to help you overcome your fears and develop trust. Pre-care is about collaboration and communication between us to assure everything goes perfect. Finally, I will give you a calming, caring hug and then gently position you for the spanking with your bottom bared.

Aftercare: Aftercare brings you from the elevated states of emotion and transitions you back to everyday life. It helps to avoid the feeling of crashing during which feelings of anxiety, exposure, embarrassment, guilt or emotional overload that may occur. It can involve gently caresses and hugs or talking through what occurred during the spanking phase. It is not rushed and be assured that I will take care of and comfort you during this transition phase.

Spanking Based on your experience and the knowledge I gain from you during our pre-care discussion, I will select appropriate implements for use during your spanking. For novices, I always begin with my hand and through my experience judge whether the addition of other implements is appropriate. Implements may include hand, hairbrush, paddle or other based on your reaction and needs. The intensity of the spankings can range from moderate to very intense. They begin with a warm-up and build in intensity over time. When appropriate I can provide you with an intense spanking that will help release the guilt, shame or regret you may be holding around difficulties you are experiencing in your life. A good sound spanking will release the bodies endorphins which will provide you with a natural high. For those pent up emotions some women feel better after having a good cry.

Through spanking I offer something that is too often missing in their lives…touch. This is necessary for so many of us to feel cared for and to experience, and it happens during the sessions in many ways. I offer a hand to hold when you need to know someone is there, a warm lap to be held in during the spanking, massage and reassuring touch during and after a spanking, and a loving hug when it is needed. Being able to experience a caring touch in a non-sexual manner is so helpful and healing. I can also be firm and get some emotions out.

Spanking occurs through a series of gradually intensifying steps: Warm up, spank, warm up more, spank more severely, firmly pull hair, or firmly hold the back of your neck. Your fantasies are discussed as to sensual, strict, firm, and discipline type of spanking required. I can assure you once you have had a strong spanking like that you won’t want any more wimpy spankings, and will now crave a well done God-damn-teeth-clenching-foot- flailing-gasping- out-of-control spanking (please note that novices start off soft and sensual to build up a trust and that I’m excellent at reading body language and know when to stop. However you are always given a safe word but for the most part its really best to let go.


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