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The BDSM lifestyle has entered the public sphere and is going mainstream and becoming more accepted. BDSM consists of many varieties of erotic practices including bondage, dominance and submission, role playing and other. Perhaps you have read or viewed shows about BDSM and found your way here when trying to learn more. BDSM has been the theme of a number of books and television programs including:

  • Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy by E.L. James
  • The Sleeping Beauty Trilogy by Ann Rice under the pseudonym A.N. Roquelaure
  • The Sundance documentary Kink by James Franko presented at the Sundance Film Festival and purchased by the Oprah Winfrey network.

Spanking always had an element of BDSM even before I was aware of it. My first introduction was at a young age where my friend chased a girl into center field in a park where we were playing baseball. It had the Hunt or chase, the fight, the capture, the humilation of having her panties pulled down and then being spanked. Forty or so years ago with no internet or someone to talk to was very similar to being outed as gay. The scene was very underground but I managed to meet many women with similar fantasies and fetishes.

Spankings are certainly the best introduction to bdsm kink fetish, adrenaline junkies, women who need to vent some stress and frankly just because it feels great. Yes it hurts but like any sport once the adrenaline is going it quickly turns to pleasure because a spanking is stimulating your pleasure centers like sex or a vibrator except the pain makes it even more enlightening. Add to that the anticipation, shame of having your panties pulled down or being told to do so in front of my eyes while you cant see me.

Some of My Kinks

  • AFTERCARE is really important as you are flying in subspace and communication and hugging is paramount.
  • Anal Play or Training
  • Bondage is another amazing way to get your adrenaline flowing with or without a blindfold your senses are magnified. Also your forced to relax, let it go and also to trust. Bondage is also a great way to learn to be in touch with your body by being sexually stimulated by my touch or vibrators.
  • Boot camp training (an assortment of BDSM related activities)
  • Clothes pins, clamps, weights, etc.
  • Erotic Humiliation
  • Forced orgasm
  • Heat play (ginger, peppermint oil, tiger balm, rubbing alcohol, ice, etc.)
  • Percussion play (spanking, paddling, caning, whipping)
  • Slave Position training(good for meditation)
  • Role playing games and acting out your scripted fantasies
  • Scratching
  • Sensation play (sensual touch with a variety of tactile toys)
  • Sensory deprivation
  • Sensual touch bdsm
  • Sexual teasing and torment
  • Slut training. to be discussed in private :)
  • Tantric bondage Massage teaching your body to relax to my healing touch and learning to orgasm
  • Tickle torture
  • Whipping post. A full body nude adrenaline filled thrashing is fun for all (not on the first date:)
Photo of SadistFaction

It must be said there is nothing like experience. Just like going to a professional for services like a massage.

Really Hits Home

Found this on the internet

I'm going to hurt you. Until the moment is satisfied and your eyes are tinted with that look of attainment. Shaking, knowing that the pain is overwhelming you to where you lose all train of thought and it's a glorious feeling being pushed off the tracks.

I'm going to hurt you in a way that allows the light within us to be snuffed out momentarily and we'll dance in our darkness instead. You'll taste my wickedness as I lick your fear.

I'm going to hurt you like most couples kiss, it'll both excite and terrify you in the best way possible. It may look and taste evil, but it'll still be filled with affection, because it's the knowledge you've given me that you need to be brutally beaten that makes it not only acceptable, but truly something to celebrate when it happens.

I'm going to hurt you. Because you want it and I very much want to hurt you as well and when those wants collide, it'll create an explosion, so salacious, you'll be dripping wet as soon as it begins.

I'm going to hurt you and you're going to love it. It'll break you mentally, because that's what you've consented to. But I'll make sure to mend your wounds and protect your emotions and mentality when I have you helpless and crying.

I'm going to make that moment, so rich with meaningful, the pain will be an afterthought, we'll instead be transfixed by how close we'll feel towards each other. It will be all that matters as I care for you with great pleasure and lots of attention after making you suffer for me so magnificently so.

I'm going to hurt you and it's going to feel just like home.

Scene Tones

There are many possible “tones” that a scene can have. I will move between many tones during a scene. Im different with everyone as I tailor the scene to our unique one-on-one connection. If there is a particular tone that you find most appealing, be sure to mention that.

  • SENSUAL: I enjoy the contradiction of imposing my will on another with softly whispered commands and the disarming power of seduction. Importantly, a sensual tone does not mean that I won’t give you pain If you want it. It just means I’ll be very sweet to you while I do.
  • PRIMAL: I channel my primal energies into the session, tapping into an animalistic aggression. Demanding, rough and pushy. There is no anger – only a driving need that must be satisfied. See whipping post
  • PLAYFUL: I am flippant and whimsical in the face of your suffering. I amuse myself by taunting and teasing you.
  • STRICT: I expect you to do exactly what I say, exactly when and how I say it.
  • HARSH: Cold, aloof, sneering and heartless. Perhaps you would like to wear a hood and be a piece of meat. Wth all play, Limits are respected and slowly pushed.

Some see kink as therapeutic, a place for letting go. Some of us want to have an adventure and explore new facets of our sexuality And other times, we simply want to let go Modern life can be stressful, and around us we may find our daily commitments draining our energy. play time is dedicated to you, guidance to help you recharge and feel refreshed again.

Structure in your life or just because it feels so good. I am always evolving and I look at every session with fresh eyes and enthusiasm. I will push you deeper into your desires, and with my experience I know exaclty how far to go and its rare that you will use the safe word. I am a mix of Daddy, Master, Sensualist, and Gentleman, with enough Sadist thrown in to keep it interesting.

My primary kinks are bringing out the inner slut by the control and use of female orgasm by prolonged stimulation or forced orgasms as a tool for control and for play. Combined with sexual pain I also like to give a good spanking, bondage, and sexual torture

If any of the above resonates and stimulates you, it would be my pleasure to meet for a coffee. I live In ville saint laurent off the 40 or near the cote vertu metro.

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