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I know a long term partnership is not easy and even more difficult at present. I'd love to find a long term partner for fun outside the bedroom who enjoys a healthy lifestyle and love of life. My views and kinks are certainly different then others so a kindred spirit would be great. There is nothing like experience. I enjoy spending my winters in the Dominican republic and hope one day to relocate. It would be a double bonus to find someone that has an interest in a healthy self sustained lifestyle. I workout in the gym, like to bike and swim almost daily. I'm pretty much a homebody these days although I do go out and try not to shop online and support what's left of local business here in Montreal and the DR. I eat very healthy and make my own breads and desserts as well as lotions and body scents since my Grateful Dead tours in the 80's So they usually have a hint of patchouli :) That's a little about me and of course my juicy past is here below. If you identify as a slave, bottom, switch, little please don't be shy to say hello as I'm an introvert and socially awkward penguin. I am also aspie, panic attack friendly and experienced.

Cat friendly as I’ve got two furry beasts

Phoro of SadistFaction

Photo taken October 30 2018

"spankings.... a little girls nightmare... a big girls dream"

Phoro of SadistFaction

Photo from le journal de montreal october 2014

Take the First Step

Email: montrealfirstcontact@gmail.com

I am a mature gentleman with more than 30 years of real time experience in providing guidance for ladies (18+) who feel the need for or crave structure and consequences in their lives. Are you in control all of the time and want to lose control with a safe, sane and experienced top. Maybe you are curious about the lifestyle and want to explore some fetishes and or fantasies. Perhaps you are an adrenaline junkie and want to experience the rush.

BDSM Community & Experience

I’m very well-respected in the public BDSM scene here in Montreal and have done numerous workshops, organized play parties for charity and promoted safe sane and consensual BDSM in the Montreal BDSM Kink fetish community since well before this website which was made around 2001

I've been interviewed by the Journal de Montreal and was on the TV Channel MATV show Montrealers, Dr. Laurie's Passion radio show on CJAD 800, and vice magazine.

My Interview for MATV a show called Montrealers

My Spankings

I've been blessed with a sensual touch and healing soothing nature. My spankings can range from highly stimulating to tear producing depending on what your mind and body have to purge till those negative energies come out. Spankings can be non sexual and theraputic touch healing and a scene in itself as I find it quite spirtual. as part of scene negotiation as spankings are a great intro to kink play as there is endorphine play with the pain, bondage, humiliation overtones and very sensual. Spankings are also a great cleansing of stress and anxiety through endorphin pain without causing any permanent damage. They are a form of meditation, and they can be quite cathartic especially with the aftercare I provide. Bringing someone down properly is just as important as the spanking itself. Some women find being tied on the whipping post for a full body whipping has the same effect.

The comments in the testimonials are very flattering for me to read and are fond memories.

Sensual Tantric Pleasures

Of course there is also a very sensual side to BDSM. I have quite the extensive toy collection for those wishing to explore bondage, forced orgasms or just to be tied up and to trust. My soft sensual touch is very healing. Some women that enjoy BDSM might have trouble achieving orgasm from the touch of someone elses touch, prior sexual experiences,trust issues, or just can’t relax and enjoy somoene pleasuring them with sensual touch. Daddy doms or for those that don't like the term, mature gentlemen always take the time to pleasure our partners first.

Being tied up, teased and tormented especially blindfolded you are forced (consensually) into lying back and to enjoy the pleasures. Very much related to Tantra(is about enlightenment: to transcend both the sexual and spiritual planes by engaging in deeply meditative with touch sensation)

Men Can Be Selfish Lovers

Sadly but a lot of men are more concerned with their own orgasms, pleasure or stimulation than with yours. With BDSM you have the top or dominant that takes the time to listen to what’s going on inside of you as well as watching body movements and I concentrate on learning your turn-ons. The scene is focused on the bottom or submissive pleasure and experience. I get the same rush giving as you get. That's why communication is so important about your fetishes and fantasies and of course limits of how far you want to go.

My Spanking Fetish

I've placed ads on the usual okc and pof. Since I'm pretty open about being in the lifestyle I mention in the ad that I'm looking for someone who likes to be a bedroom submissive. I get very few replies. Placing a personal ad on this site also gets very few emails as my experience is intimidating for novices. I'm not sure I understand that as I would think experience is a good thing

I've had a spanking fetish since the days when we used to have to run and hide if we admitted we were into BDSM Kink and alternative relationships were not as easy as it is today. I remember taking psychology in CEGEP in 1979, and at that time the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders was on its 2nd revision (DSM-II.) I was quite alarmed to read that I apparently had many sexual disorders and was grouped with the pedophiles; the types of sexual deviations listed in the DSM-II were: sexual orientation disturbance (homosexuality), fetishism, pedophilia, transvestitism (sic), exhibitionism, voyeurism, sadism, masochism, and "other sexual deviations" Fortunately the DSM has been revised since then.

I enjoy playing with novices and experienced players alike in my fully equipped, private, and discreet dungeon in my home. Don’t be shy to contact me. We meet in a public place near the metro cote vertu in ville saint laurent or right off the 40 if you're coming by car. I don't play on the first date so we chat, you go home and reflect and if you feel comfortable we arrange a time for play.

The spankings I provide can be anywhere from soft, teasing, loving and sensual to firm, no-nonsense, and even disciplinary. Spankings are also great for stress reduction, relaxation and the release of blocked emotions, for helping out those who feel the need for a good cry, or for changing negative behavior patterns and of course lets not forget adrenaline junkies :)

Of course, it’s not all about pain for me, as there is a very sensual side to my play that I enjoy just as much. I can make spankings very sensual and erotic. I like bondage, sexual teasing.(edging), forced "ohhhs", toy play, daddy school girl fantasy, doctor patient giving tantric massage, as well as sensory and tactile play.

Something Luscious Under This is my acronym for the word SLUT. I love bringing out a woman’s inner slut and helping her get in touch with your body, and I have the patience and experience to make her cum alive. like the book The Ethical Slut from 1997. It’s all about communication and sharing your fantasies and fetishes.

Trust, Intimacy & Aftercare

I am also a big believer in the importance of aftercare, and take it to a level that most Jewish mothers would admire. Spanking and other BDSM play are an exercise in trust and intimacy, and I take this aspect of playtime very seriously. In my non-fetish life, I’m a computer geek – I still have my report card showing computer science class in 1976 and have been working with computers ever since. I keep fit by biking (Yes – I’m a Cyclopath!) and swimming. I am very easy to talk to, have a delightful sense of humor, and believe that laughter is the best medicine. I also enjoy cannabis culture.(I don't play stoned. It is a high in and of itself.)

Some see kink as therapeutic, a place for letting go. Some of us want to have an adventure and explore new facets of our sexuality And other times, we simply want to let go of life that can be stressful, and around us we may find our daily commitments draining our energy. play time is dedicated to you, guidance to help you recharge and feel refreshed again.

Structure in your life or just because it feels so good. I am always evolving and I look at every session with fresh eyes and enthusiasm. I will push you deeper into your desires, and with my experience I know exactly how far to go and it's rare that you will use the safe word. I am a mix of Daddy, Master, Sensualist, and Gentleman, with enough Sadist thrown in to keep it interesting. BDSM, Kink Role Play, domination and submission is about trust, communication, vulnerability, caring, and honesty.

Submission is freedom. learning to let go of one's self, knowing that I'm there to catch you if you falter. Trust. I'm there to facilitate your fantasies and I stop should you use the safe word so the control is all yours. I push your limits but with my experience I will not exceed.

Ideally I would like to find a long term partner but of course everything starts with friendship, trust and fun and we can take it from there. It has been said, If I am ever your friend, I always will be.

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